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Socio-Economic Sciences

The INWA grid project bridges academia and the commercial world, demonstrating how a high-capacity network can meet the needs of global collaborative socio-economic science. Using grid technologies deployed over the TEIN3 infrastructure, and drawing on local market knowledge, researchers at EPCC (Edinburgh, Scotland), Curtin University of Technology (Perth, Western Australia) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing, China) can analyse distributed market data and use the results to develop predictive models of consumer behaviour. The fusion of local know-how and global data gathered from commercial partners in global telecommunications and finance makes this grid-enabled application a powerful tool for understanding demand in highly volatile services-based markets.

In the past, data was routed through the USA and the research teams encountered considerable latency issues. Now the TEIN network allows data traffic to pass along the shortest possible network routes, significantly increasing the performance of this virtual collaboration.

Case studyTEIN3 Case Study

INWA-Grid: Understanding global market dynamics
Case study explaining how TEIN2 meets the needs of global collaborative socio-economic science.