Brochures and Maps

From this page, you can download PDF copies of posters, brochures and other documents about the TEIN3 project. If you would like to receive printed copies, free of charge, please follow the Order Form link in the left-hand menu, and complete and submit the form.

TEIN3 Brochure (3906 kB)
A4-sized, 4-page brochure outlining the regional research and education network for Asia-Pacific and the innovative applications it supports.

TEIN2 INWA-Grid Case study (1244 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, explaining how TEIN2 meets the needs of global collaborative socio-economic science.

TEIN2 Telemedicine Case Study (1817 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, explaining how TEIN2 is delivering telemedicine to bridge the digital divide.

TEIN3 Network Topology Map (950 kB)
TEIN3 Network topology April 2010.

Global Connectivity Map (4551 kB)
Global Connectivity Map April 2011.

TEIN3 Case study: High-speed networking-saving lives by typhoon forecasting (252 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, explaining how TEIN3 can make all the difference to typhoon-prone regions like the Philippines.

TEIN3 Case study: High-speed networking-tackling Indonesia's wildfires (224 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, explaining how TEIN3 helps get the right information to the right people to detect dangerous hotspots and track active wildfires in Indonesia.

TEIN3 Case study: High-speed networking-decoding rice diversity (535 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, illustrating how TEIN3 enables crop researchers to analyse rice varieties rapidly and improve their yields and resilience, thereby tackling the challenge of ensuring food security.

e-Infrastructures building European and Asia-Pacific research collaboration (5759 kB)
A3-sized 4 page folded brochure outlining e-Infrastructures for research collaboration between Europe and Asia Pacific, with particular focus on India.

TEIN3 Case study: Remote Control - Investigating crystal structures across continents (682 kB)
A4-sized, 2 page leaflet, explaining how scientists in India use the TEIN3 high-speed network to operate a ‘super-microscope’ in France for innovative drug design