What is DANTE?
DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) is a not for profit organisation established in 1993. Its primary mission is to plan, build and manage pan-European research networks on behalf of Europe’s National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) which are also its shareholders.

DANTE’s current main activity is the operation and management of GÉANT, the pan-European multi-gigabit research and education network. DANTE is also involved in other activities related to European research networking, such as network research, feasibility studies and international research networking.

DANTE is not a product or service, but a privately owned, not-for-profit organisation.

In which regions does DANTE operate?
DANTE is currently managing initiatives focused on Europe (GÉANT), the Mediterranean/North Africa (EUMEDCONNECT3), Southern and Eastern Africa (AfricaConnect), Central Asia (CAREN), and Asia Pacific (TEIN3).

What research does DANTE undertake together with the European NRENs?
DANTE and the NRENs are committed to a comprehensive programme of research that benefits research networking communities and commercial marketplaces in fields such as advanced Internet service deployment and management such as multi-domain monitoring tools, security measures, roaming facilities and “bandwidth on-demand” capacities.

Why does DANTE focus primarily on research and education networks?
Research networks have increasingly become a global activity with research organisations demanding the resources and capabilities to take advantage of geographically dispersed expertise. As a result, the demand for capacity and data throughput have increased incrementally placing additional pressures on the level of network performance required. Often surpassing current telecom networks, research communities require specifically enhanced network capabilities of the level delivered by GÉANT.