TEIN3 Descriptions

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TEIN3 Descriptions
About TEIN3:
Building on the achievements of its predecessors, the third generation of the Trans-Eurasia Information Network (TEIN3) project provided a dedicated high-capacity Internet network for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific. By linking national research networks, it connected regional researchers with their counterparts in Europe via GÉANT, the world’s most advanced international research and education network, providing the Asia-Pacific countries with a gateway for global research collaboration. Not only did the new network provide upgraded link capacity, it also sets out to expand its geographical footprint to connect additional Asian countries, notably in the South Asian sub-region. Announced at ASEM7 in October 2008,it ranuntil late 2011.

Starting with a single circuit between France and Korea in 2001, the TEIN regional network has been managed since 2006 by DANTE, a not-for-profit organisation that operates regional network projects across the globe. In September 2012, responsibility for the new phase, TEIN4, was transferred to the TEIN* Cooperation Center (TEIN*CC), which was established by the Korean government to continue to develop the network up to 2016 with DANTE support. TEIN continues to receive funding support from the European Commission which is contributing €8 million for TEIN4.

The TEIN initiative is fundamental in facilitating research networking between Europe and Asia-Pacific, and is a key outcome of the Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) process. For more information, please visit www.tein3.net

One-sentence description:
TEIN3 provides a high-capacity research and education data-communications network across Asia-Pacific, which currently connects eleven countries in the region, plans to further expand its geographic coverage and offers direct connectivity to Europe’s GÉANT network.

Single line description:
TEIN3, the regional research and education network for Asia-Pacific.